150k done and dusted

I’m not gonna lie, this is not a walk in the park. Ok. Sometimes it is…. (and sometimes it’s a walk through a witches forest, beside a river, next to a road etc etc etc) Which ever way you look at it, 20 k a day, every day, is some serious walking!

The witches forest

Mostly, I’m walking alone and eating with others. I start when I get up and walk until I’m done (or there is a town to stop at). Usually this looks like starting around 7 and finishing around 2. Despite the directional signs, I’ve still managed to get lost. It seems, on my first day, I followed a couple home from work.

A typical sign

I have blisters, despite the Vaseline and the dry sock precautions and my feet have their own pulse.

I have walked over mountains (Day 1 is 24k, 20 is uphill).

I have trudged in the pouring rain. But most days are sunny and hot, around 34°.

I have walked through cities, but am preferring the small towns. The kind with a church, a shop and a hostel.

Just a castle on a hill

Following the vegetarian, Hashimoto, sugar free, diary free diet is nearly impossible. At the moment I am concentrating on getting enough energy to walk every day. I’ll worry about the healthy eating later.

There are daily learnings, about myself and the world. For example, those cute ponies are not for riding, but for food. 😢 And, a familiar conversion in my brain “If I just do a little bit more….”

The highlights so far:

  • How friendly everyone is
  • The beautiful scenery
  • The wine fountain
  • The “give what you can” food stands

The lowlights:

  • Leaving my medicine in San Sebastian and having to go back for it (although I was saved carrying it on day 1-3)
  • Arriving into a Pamplona on full party mode, after 3 days of silence in the mountains
  • The blisters

This first phase is known as where you battle your physical self. Later comes the metaphysical battles. I’m not sure if that will be more or less fun!

Buon camino


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth Hunt says:

    I think you’ve summed it up; it’s not a walk in the park and people think its a scenic walk for which you buy a ticket at the beginning! Putting one foot in front of the other you battle yourself and other demons.
    Are you tapping your individual toes?
    On the plus side I love the smooth Spanish landscape with those fields of iridescent yellow that look like someone has coloured them in with a yellow highlighter. I think they’re canola.
    Keep going Angela.


  2. Shahidna says:

    Keep walking Angela! I’m cheering for you! Go Angela!

    When does the walk end? How long and how far are you walking? Is it not a guided group walk?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi lady
      It ends in Santiago but must people keep going another 100 k to the coast.
      In total the walk is 800 k plus that extra 100.
      No guide, totally doing my own thing!


    2. And thanks for the cheering squad


  3. Jo Craddock says:

    Go you good thing! Enjoy every minute- you are creating a lifetime of stories and memories. xx We miss you in Italian (don’t come back speaking Spanish instead will you!?)

    Liked by 1 person

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