Angela’s guide to winter survival

It has been seven years since I lived my last winter.  I would be underestimating how I felt about winter, if I said I was ‘scared” of it.  I am terrified.  Mortified.  In a state of abject panic. The idea of cold feet, runny noses, constant colds and the necessity for wearing shoes is enough to make me look at travel brochures with sandy
beaches on the cover with lusty thoughts. Obviously, I am out of practice at winter.

Canadia – where they really know how to get cold and survive

I have willingly acclimatised to the tropics, but despite my loss of tan lines, Auckland’s winter hasn’t been so bad.

To date, winter has been short, flu free and and bearable. (Cue behind the scenes wood tapping). I am developing a theory as to why this is, aka:

 Angela’s guide to winter survival

 Stay in Bed

I don’t mean completely hibernate, unless you are actually a bear.  To clarify, if you don’t have to get up at 6am – don’t.  It’s a lot less cold at 9am.  I have taken to working from bed for the first hour or until my hands aren’t freezing blocks and typing actually can happen.  I do know not everyone is as lucky as me but these people that choose 5am starts to (for example) go swimming!? MADNESS, I say.

Big Undies

Ditch the cute g-banger and get into some granny knickers that cover your butt cheeks.  (Just not flesh coloured!! Seriously, whose flesh is that colour?) Go ahead and tuck your singlet into these oversized knickers.  You will look ridiculous, but who is going to see? No exposed muffin tops, no cold butt when you sit on previously vacant chairs. The Germans have been doing this forever and, frankly, they know about cold.

Electric Blankets

Why am I such a late adapter?

Blow Dry

After living in Italy, I have learnt that blow-dryers are useful for more than just drying your hair. You can use them on your feet, your pits and your lady bits (or man bits)– although be careful with the heat settings here.

Alcoholic Hot Chocolates

Whilst in Mexico we happened upon a fantastic café with live music, late opening hours and alcoholic hot chocolates.  OH YEAH.  I’d be lying if I said we only went once.  My current Auckland winter favourite is Baileys mixed with Avalanche’s sugar free caramel hot chocolate.

Just add Baileys

Red Wine

You know it’s true. Find a bar with a fireplace (or at the very least those great heaters) and drink a nice Pinot or (arguably even better) Mulled Wine. You’re welcome.

PS if you know any good bars-with-fires…share! Please.


To be worn with Ugg boots. At all times. Especially if you have to get out of bed to work. Mine is a unicorn. What’s yours?

Anyway…to those of you in the North – enjoy your summer because…well..Winter is coming.


Love them, marry them.

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  1. Susan says:

    You would love our Canadian winters!!!😂😂😂


    1. I’m very afraid of it!!

      Liked by 1 person

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