5 things that have never happened to me whilst travelling

I have never:

1. been sold into the white slave trade

2. woken up in a ice bath having had an organ removed for harvesting

photo: humantrafficwatch.wordpress.com

3. been forced into prostitution

4. woken up with a masturbating man at the end of my bunk

5. been mugged by an armed assailant

In actual fact – I have had my wallet stolen twice – once on my first day in London at Camden Market, and once on my first day in Costa Rica. In all fairness I left it on a table and walked away. My bad.

I don’t mean to make light of nasty situations, but stop being scared of stupid shit. Go get amongst it. Trust your instincts, don’t be an idiot and have a good time!

Oh and the tattoo is henna. It says mai pben rai which is a often used Thai phrase that translates as “no worries., mate”


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