Part 3: Gelato, leaks and road side shenanigans

Part 3: Gelato, leaks and road side shenanigans Is there anything better than a family summer road trip holiday in Italy? Yes. If you were thinking gelato, SUP’s and pizza, you would be half right. The other half might take some explaining. We left Munich and headed over the mountains to Lago di Garda. Here…

Bizarre Berlin

I’ve been living in Berlin for a couple of months now, and there are some things about this city I find completely, utterly bizarre.

On being a tourist at home: Part 1 – Akaroa

We used to have a TV ad here in NZ with the catchphrase “Don’t leave town to you’ve seen the country”. Last year, I decided to have a crack at seeing some things around Aotearoa, Godzone.

Week one ish

They tell you that the Camino de Santiago begins before you start walking. For me this was definitely true.